Women's Gun Show News Gun Safety 4 - Summertime and Kids on the Range

4 – Summertime and Kids on the Range

Summertime and kids on the range!  In this show, Carrie Lightfoot and Barbara Baird discuss summertime and kids on the range. We discuss shooting clubs, organizations and opportunities for children to learn the sport of shooting. Barbara interviews USA Shooting’s Jessica Delos Reyes, who works at the training center for US Shooting in Colorado Springs, about how to work with a future Olympic shooter and ways to get children into shooting and how in the summertime you can get your kids on the range. Barbara’s tip for the week involves working with your children before your load their guns.

Summertime and Kids on the Range

kids on the range

Jessica Delos Reyes talks about the various ways children can get involved in the shooting sports. She is the Associate Director of Marketing and Communications for USA Shooting.

From USA Shooting:

The National Junior Olympic program provides competitions year-round for shooters to partake in. The program runs matches throughout the country, making it accessible for all interested juniors. Junior shooters are able to participate in State Competitions sanctioned by USA Shooting, allowing them the chance to receive an invitation to shoot at the National Junior Olympic Championships hosted by USA Shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The program serves as an important element of our pipeline development system in promoting the shooting sports. Junior Olympic goals are to allow the skilled junior athletes to obtain National competitive experience for future development. The program also serves as an opportunity to appoint the top finishers to the National Junior Team.

The National Junior Olympic Rifle & Pistol program runs from Fall to early Spring, with the NJOSC held in April. The National Junior Olympic Shotgun program runs from late spring to mid-summer, with the NJOSC held in June.


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Youth Shooting Sports Alliance: http://www.youthshootingsa.com/

Daisy Nationals: http://www.daisy.com/daisynationals

The Well Armed Woman D Wipes: http://thewellarmedwoman.com/d-wipes-canister

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