Women's Gun Show News Training 97 - Dry Fire Practice – How To Get Started And Stick With It!

97 – Dry Fire Practice – How To Get Started And Stick With It!

On The Women’s Gun Show, Barbara and I and our guests talk a lot about dry fire practice. We thought it would be a good idea to really delve into the subject and talk with one of the leading authorities on dry fire practice, Mike Seeklander. With his background, experience and easy going style we all can learn so much on this very important topic.

In the interview, Mike and Carrie discuss the “DDC” The Daily Dry-fire Challenge. Here is a link for you to check it out and to join in the fun!


Tip Time: Why Train? Tip Time Trainer Il Ling New

We are thrilled to have master instructor Il Ling New back on the show to provide another Tip time. Listen in as she shares not only why you should train, but why she trains.

Sometimes Carrie can’t help herself and she repeats herself! She did it again this week sharing the CoolFire Trainer as the cool product of the week. They aren’t cheap but as Mike shared, it will pay for itself in the ammo you will save. https://coolfiretrainer.com/

Something everyone should have are Dummy Rounds. They are an important part of your dry-fire training. The Well Armed Woman has them available in many calibers and they are a very affordable tool for dry-fire training. Click here to learn more. https://thewellarmedwoman.com/product/saf-t-trainer-dummy-rounds/

Don’t forget to read this weeks WON’s post of the week Staying Fit For Shooting, written by Cheyanne Dalton, one of America’s best competitive young shooters. She shares how she trains to add strength and stamina to her shooting.

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