Women's Gun Show News Self-Defense 86 – Mental Preparation for a Concealed Carry Life

86 – Mental Preparation for a Concealed Carry Life

On this week’s show, Barbara Baird talks to concealed carry instructor Stacy Bright about all that is involved in becoming mentally prepared and legally prepared for a concealed carry life. Sponsored by Ruger.

Mental Preparation for a Concealed Carry Life

Barbara is joined by co-host Carrie Lightfoot and the two discuss products, trends, and the upcoming SHOT Show.  Carrie hopes to stay organized this year. Julie Golob wraps up her “Tip Time” series on shooting faster with a tip on keeping our own pace and cadence.

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Carrie is preparing for SHOT show and lists her appearances. Meanwhile, Barb is getting ready to play host to The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club women at her ranch in the Ozarks before they all head for the SHOT Show.

Stacy Bright

Topic:   Mental Preparation for a Concealed Carry Life

In this week’s show, concealed carry instructor Stacy Bright leads the discussion on how to prepare for becoming and then, being a concealed carrier.

Stacy Bright is an NRA Certified Pistol & Rifle Instructor, Refuse to be a Victim Instructor, Missouri Concealed Carry Instructor, Certified TWAW Instructor and Leader of the Southwest Missouri chapter of The Well Armed Woman. She also co-hosts a local radio show and is a freelance writer for Women’s Outdoor News, Range365.com, Outdoor Life, and USCCA Magazine. Stacy is also the Social Media Manager for The Well Armed Woman, LLC. She’s been married for 22 years and has 3 daughters.


Tip Time Cadence 


Tip Time with Julie Golob: Your Cadence 

Julie Golob wraps up her series on shooting with this tip on “Cadence,” and finding your perfect timing. Tip time is sponsored by NRA Women.

Cool products

key vault liberty

Barb says that bringing home a new gun is akin to bringing home a baby. You must care for it, protect it and always know where it is. Discover the many safe options from Liberty Safe, and why Barb and Carrie highly recommend this company. (Starting at $29)


With organization in mind, Carrie hopes this online planner will be just the ticket to her success with scheduling in 2018. She thinks you might apply it to firearms training, too.

TWAW Product of the Week


For the man in your life, get him a “She’s Got My 6” tee shirt! ($22.95)

how to clean a pistol

The WON’s post of the week: How to Clean a Pistol

Becky Yackley, who is a competition shooter, penned this how-to piece at The WON, and also, created a video to show the steps to cleaning a semi-auto gun. Becky’s work is sponsored by Jagemann Sporting Group.

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