Women's Gun Show News Gun Safety 85 - Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules

85 – Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules

On this week’s show, Barbara Baird talks to Julie Golob about her new book Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules – already an Amazon top seller in its first week! Sponsored by Ruger.

Carrie Lightfoot joins Barbara to discuss way cool products and Julie Golob offers another “Tip Time” in her series on Shooting Faster, and in particular, “Target to Target Transitions.” Sponsored by NRA Women.Carrie has been putting away Christmas and got endorsed by Lt. Dave Grossman and the USCCA for her run for the board of directors of the NRA. Barb also put away the magic of Christmas and hit the range with Stacy Bright to see how far Stacy could push her muzzleloader’s bullet downrange.

Topic:  Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules


Julie Golob is a decorated multi-time world and national champion, and a U.S. Army veteran, firearms instructor, and mother. She is a prominent voice for sharing safe, responsible gun ownership throughout the firearms industry, the shooting sports, and beyond. Golob’s frst book, SHOOT: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition, is a primer on improving shooting skills and how to get started in the shooting sports. She has also written a short eBook: Shooting While Pregnant: A Resource for Expecting Moms. Toys,Tools, Guns & Rules , which encourages families to start the conversation about guns early, is her first children’s book.

Julie Golob book toys tools guns rules

Find her online at JulieGolob.com.

tip time julie golob target transitions 

 Tip Time with Julie Golob:  Target to Target Transitions

Championship competition shooter Julie Golob tells us how to make the moves between targets, with our eyes!  

Cool products

LET dueling tree target

Carrie found an LET Dueling Tree Target. ($299.95)

Peltor kids sport muffs

Barb likes these Peltor ear muffs$14.89)

TWAW Product of the Week – Bullseye Pin

TWAW pinCarrie thinks this would be a sweet Valentine’s Day prezzie, TWAW Bullseye Pin. ($7.49)

The WON’s post of the week: 7 Simple Tips for Taking Your Child to the Range (Julie Golob)

Julie Golob gives simple and straightforward tips to use if you want to make range day a fun (and safe) day for your kids.

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