Women's Gun Show News Children & Guns 81 – Stocking Stuffers for Firearms Lovers

81 – Stocking Stuffers for Firearms Lovers

On this week’s show, co-hosts Barbara Baird and Carrie Lightfoot choose 5 picks each for stocking stuffers for firearms enthusiasts! The pair also found some other cool products and Julie Golob offers a great Tip Time on what is an “Acceptable Sight Picture,” in a segment sponsored by NRA Women. The show is also sponsored by Ruger.

Stocking Stuffers

Carrie chose 5 stocking stuffers, ranging from $1.89 to thousands of dollars.

stocking stuffers

Playing Card Target ($1.89)

Ladies Pistol course – Gunsite Academy

Chocolate gun ($29.99)

Framed Tin Sign, We the People          ($22.99)

Gun Tie ($44)

Barb chose some practical items, ranging from $12.99 to thousands of dollars, too.

SHOT timer ($106.19)

Door stop alarm ($12.99)

GWG Ponytail Beanie ($14.99)

Vera Koo’s book: The Most Unlikely Champion ($13.99)

Gift Certificate to shooting range membership

Julie Golob’s Tip Time

Find out how the pros get perfect sight pictures.

The WON’s Post of the Week: Meet the Remington 870 DM Family


Barb likes the new line of Remington Arms Company 870s – 6 new pump shotguns with detachable magazines (870 DMs). She thinks women will like them, and also, the prices.


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