76 – Skinny Carry

On this week’s show, Carrie Lightfoot talks to firearms trainer Ashley Suris about challenges and solutions concealed carry for thin women. Sponsored by Ruger.

Barbara Baird joins Carrie and the 2 discuss cool products for shooting, and Julie Golob weighs in this week with her tip time on preparing to shoot in cold weather. Sponsored by NRA Women.

concealed carry for thin women

Topic: Concealed Carry For Thin Women


It’s not always easy to dress the part for concealed carry when you’re thin. Learn some tips from firearms trainer Ashley Suris on how to hide a gun. Check out this complementing article from The Well Armed Woman on how to build a concealed carry system. Sponsored by Ruger.


Tip Time with Julie Golob: Preparing for The Cold

Tip Time with Julie Golob is sponsored by NRA Women

 Cool products

Carrie found a Bodyguard Tactical Jacket. ($467)

Barb wears gloves made from Alpaca wool, and recommends the fingerless version for shooting. Discover on Etsy. ($22 and up)

TWAW Product of the Week

As mentioned in the show, thin women can benefit from wearing belly bands. Check out his one at TWAW shop.

The WON’s post of the week: 6 Tips for Keeping the Secret of Concealed Carry a Secret

Michelle Cerino gives helpful advice on how to carry discreetly – whether thin or not. Check out Michelle and Carrie, together on the range in Utah!


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