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42 – Those Gun Logos

In this week’s show, Carrie Lightfoot and Barbara Baird talk about some famous gun logos and the reasons behind their designs. Carrie chats with the “Fan of the Month,” Patti, from Texas and the women also talk about trending news (women’s buying power and a time traveler in Boston), cool products and shooting events. Sponsored by Ruger.

Topic: Those Gun Logos

Ruger: Did you know that Alexander Sturm died at age 20? Barb mentions the earrings and necklace for logo wear. Check them out here.

Beretta: The will to get things done.

Smith & Wesson: From plain to flourished.

Gunsite: We love the raven icon and can you believe that Carrie has not watched “The Vikings” yet?

Browning: Oh yeah, the buck mark rules the logo world! Have you seen a tattoo with this famous icon, and has it been pointed in the correct direction?

Survival Story

Carrie searches for interesting survival stories weekly. In this week, she describes the actions of a homeowner who had to pull her gun and use it:

Firearms news you can use

Carrie found an infographic about the purchasing power of women and notes that women don’t think the market understands them or listens to them – in most areas:

Barb wonders why police in Baltimore felt compelled in the first place to post this gun – the result of an arrest – on social media, leading comments about the felon and whether he was a time traveler. The gun? Looks like a Derringer with duck tape:

Cool products

From the same company that brings you kitty litter box liners, here’s a gun cleaning pad that purports to be #1 in the nation: http://www.drymate.com/shop/hunting-outdoors/gun-cleaning-pad/
From $7 to $15

Carrie found a product that works with IWB holsters to protect muffin tops and other areas in the abs: http://www.holsterpartner.com


TWAW Product of the Week

Carrie stresses the importance of a pair of good low-profile ear muffs. Walker’s Pro Low Profile Passive Ear Muffs: http://thewellarmedwoman.com/new-products/walkers-pro-low-profile-passive-ear-muffs

Calendar: What’s up?

Barb is all about the Outdoor Women of South Dakota Handgun/Rifle Shooting event coming up this month: http://www.owsd.org/events.html

Steve Fisher, aka Yeti

Carrie recommends training by Steve Fisher, aka Yeti: http://sentinelconcepts.com/events/category/all-courses/

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