Women's Gun Show News Gun Safety 100 - Arming America’s Teachers – Is It a Good Thing?

100 – Arming America’s Teachers – Is It a Good Thing?

This week is show #100. The topic is about arming teachers and training them to shoot back at killers who try to harm children and teachers/staff in schools, such as the recent Parkland school shooting. Barbara Baird talks to firearms trainer Michelle Cerino – one of our go-to experts on the show – about why and how she trains teachers in a special program in Ohio. Sponsored by Ruger.

Today’s “Tip Time” tip, from Gunsite rangemaster Il Ling New, is “What to Bring to Your Firearms Class?”

Ruger PC Carbine

Barb will be testing Ruger’s new PC Carbine, in 9 mm, this week on the range.

Carrie, along with several other women who are influential in the firearms world, were elected to the NRA Board of Directors.

Show Topic: Arming America’s Teachers – Is It a Good Thing?


Michelle Cerino on the range


With a Bachelor’s Degree in Photo-Illustration, and a PreK-5 teaching license, this week’s guest, Michelle Cerino, is far from where she ever thought she would be. She’s been working alongside her husband, Chris Cerino, teaching on the range since 2011 when the company was formed. Michelle competes in both 3-Gun and the Action Pistol. She has been fortunate to train and shoot with the best shooters and competitors in the industry. Michelle brings a woman’s perspective to training. She is the managing editor for Women’s Outdoor News, has a monthly training column in Gun World and freelances for Athlon and other outdoor and firearms publications.

Episode #68, with Chris Cerino: Teachers Learning to Defend Students with FASTER Program

 Learn more about the FASTER Saves Lives program.

Learn more about the Cerino Consulting and Training Group


Il Ling New on range at Gunsite

Tip Time with Il Ling New

“What to Bring to Your Firearms Class?” Sponsored by NRA Women. 

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Stacy Bright on range

The WON’s post of the week: Choosing a Firearms Instructor: What to Look For

Southwest Missouri’s premiere firearms trainer, Stacy Bright, explains how to make an informed and intelligent decision when it comes to choosing a trainer or training outfit for shooting. Find out what she recommends in this highlighted post at Women’s Outdoor News.


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